It's a Crowded World of Words: Choose or Lose Accordingly.
 New Name? Choose Wisely.
The careful selection of names has never been a more important decision then it has become today.

With more than 50 million domain names crowded into a space occupied by three domains -- ".com," ".org" and ".net" and with more than 5000 new domain names registered each day, dangerous conflicts with existing trademark owners and domain registrants are nearly unavoidable.

Likewise, during each of the past several years, the U.S. Trademark Office has seen an increasing onslaught of new applicants seeking to protect "exclusive" rights though registration of their respective brand names, appellations, and designs.

As such, the massive adoption, registration and exploitation of new brand and domain names will no doubt continue to offer many pitfalls and plunders for both the start up and the established trademark proprietor.

Failure to conduct adequate research before selecting a name, slogan or device can result in not only a costly advertising and marketing blunder, but may also lead to significant, if not severe, legal consequences.

Bringing a new name to the global marketplace requires qualified assistance in navigating the distinctions and legal rules for brand names, generic names, meta tags and keywords.
Old Name? Use it or Lose it.
Existing trademark proprietors must be even more vigilant to keep competitors from pirating their valuable intellectual properties. History has shown that many once famous marks have lost their lustre without strong and consistent efforts to PRESERVE their initial distinctiveness.

In the New E-conomy, valuable rights can become quickly eroded without continuous efforts to PROMOTE the worldwide use and recogition of your distinctive names, slogans and designs.

For the established trademark holder, failure to PREVENT confusion caused by newcomers adopting similar names, or worst still, plagiarizing, mimicking, highjacking, cybersquatting, metatagging and/or just good-old-fashioned infringing on valuable intellectual property rights is sure course for disaster.



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